Cascade Effect Consulting & Post Mortem Event Assessment Services Cascade Effect Consulting is available to help identify strategy, culture and process risks with the goal of helping organizations to identify and mitigate invisible risk cascades before they develop into very undesirable and disruptive events. Cascading Risk Strategic planning services are also available, which has the goal of helping clients to create strategies that are robust against internal and external cascading risks. Post Mortem Event Assessment is available for clients with an interest in having a post-mortem Risk Analysis on a recent organizational mishap or disaster to demonstrate how that CRM risk analysis techniques would have analyzed and foreshadowed specific undesirable events. This analysis would require the access to documents and employees, subject matter experts and management to participate in various interviews and brainstorming events. 

Organizational Risk Management Consulting These services are available for organizations that require David Patrishkoff's proprietary and patent pending cascading risk assessment activities, expert-facilitated Rapid Improvement Efforts and outside management of all organizational transformations.